Class: Panel

new PSV.components.Panel (psv)

Panel class

Name Type Description
psv PSV.Viewer



children Array.<PSV.components.AbstractComponent> packagereadonly inherited overrides

All child components

container HTMLElement readonly inherited overrides

prop Object protected inherited overrides

Internal properties

Name Type Description
contentId string
mouseX number
mouseY number
mousedown boolean
clickHandler function
keyHandler function

Reference to main controller


destroy () protected inherited overrides

Destroys the component

hide (id) overrides

Hides the panel

Name Type Description
id string optional

isVisible (id)boolean inherited overrides

Check if the component is visible

Name Type Description
id string optional
Type Description

refreshUi () package inherited overrides

Refresh UI

Must be be a very lightweight operation

show (config) overrides

Shows the panel

Name Type Description
config string | Object
Name Type Default Description
id string optional

unique identifier to use with "hide" and to store the user desired width

content string

HTML content of the panel

noMargin boolean false optional

remove the default margins

width string optional

initial width, if not specified the default width will be used

clickHandler function optional

called when the user clicks inside the panel or presses the Enter key while an element focused


toggle () inherited overrides

Displays or hides the component