Namespace: constants



PSV.constants.ACTIONS string staticconstant

Available actions

PSV.constants.CHANGE_EVENTS string staticconstant

Available change events names

PSV.constants.CTRLZOOM_TIMEOUT number staticconstant

Duration in milliseconds of the "ctrl zoom" overlay

PSV.constants.DBLCLICK_DELAY number staticconstant

Delay in milliseconds between two clicks to consider a double click

PSV.constants.EASINGS Object.<string, function()> staticconstant

Collection of easing functions


PSV.constants.EVENTS string staticconstant

Available events names

PSV.constants.IDS string staticconstant

Internal identifiers for various stuff

PSV.constants.INERTIA_WINDOW number staticconstant

Time size of the mouse position history used to compute inertia

PSV.constants.KEY_CODES Object.<string, string> staticconstant

Subset of key codes

PSV.constants.LONGTOUCH_DELAY number staticconstant

Delay in milliseconds to emulate a long touch

PSV.constants.MOVE_THRESHOLD number staticconstant

Number of pixels bellow which a mouse move will be considered as a click

PSV.constants.SPHERE_RADIUS number staticconstant

Radius of the THREE.SphereGeometry, Half-length of the THREE.BoxGeometry

PSV.constants.TWOFINGERSOVERLAY_DELAY number staticconstant

Delay in milliseconds to for the two fingers overlay to appear

PSV.constants.VIEWER_DATA string staticconstant

Property name added to viewer element