Class: Renderer

new (psv)

Viewer and renderer

Name Type Description
psv PSV.Viewer



camera external:THREE.PerspectiveCamera protectedreadonly

canvasContainer HTMLElement packagereadonly

config PSV.Options readonly inherited overrides

Configuration holder

mesh external:THREE.Mesh protectedreadonly

prop Object readonly inherited overrides

Properties holder

Reference to main controller

raycaster external:THREE.Raycaster protectedreadonly

renderer external:THREE.WebGLRenderer protectedreadonly

scene external:THREE.Scene protectedreadonly


__renderLoop (timestamp) package

Main event loop, calls render if prop.needsUpdate is true

Name Type Description
timestamp number

destroy () inherited overrides

Destroys the service

hide ()

Hides the viewer

render ()

Performs a render

Do not call this method directly, instead call PSV.Viewer#needsUpdate on PSV.event:before-render.


setPanoramaPose (panoData, mesh) package

Apply a panorama data pose to a Mesh

Name Type Default Description
panoData PSV.PanoData optional
mesh external:THREE.Mesh this.mesh optional

setSphereCorrection (sphereCorrection, mesh) package

Apply a SphereCorrection to a Mesh

Name Type Default Description
sphereCorrection PSV.SphereCorrection optional
mesh external:THREE.Mesh this.meshContainer optional

setTexture (textureData) package

Applies the texture to the scene, creates the scene if needed

Name Type Description
textureData PSV.TextureData

show ()

Shows the viewer

transition (textureData, options)PSV.Animation package

Performs transition between the current and a new texture

Name Type Description
textureData PSV.TextureData
options PSV.PanoramaOptions
Type Description

updateCameraMatrix () package

Updates the camera matrix