# AutorotateKeypointsPlugin

API Documentation

Replaces the standard autorotate animation by a smooth transition between multiple points.

This plugin is available in the core photo-sphere-viewer package in dist/plugins/autorotate-keypoints.js.

# Usage

The plugin is configured with keypoints which can be either a position object (longitude + latitude) or the identifier of an existing marker.

It is also possible to configure each keypoint with a pause time and a tooltip.

const viewer = new PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer({
  plugins: [

const keypointsPlugin = viewer.getPlugin(PhotoSphereViewer.AutorotateKeypointsPlugin);

  { longitude: Math.PI / 2, latitude: 0 },
    position: { longitude: Math.PI, latitude: Math.PI / 6 },
    pause   : 5000,
    tooltip : 'This is interesting',
    markerId: 'another-marker', // will use the marker tooltip if any
    pause   : 2500,

The plugin reacts to the standard autorotateDelay and autorotateSpeed options and can be started with startAutorotate or the button in the navbar.

# Example

The following demo randomly generates some markers and automatically pan between them.

# Configuration

# startFromClosest

  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Start from the closest keypoint instead of the first keypoint of the array.

# keypoints

  • type: Keypoints[]

Initial keypoints, does the same thing as calling setKeypoints just after initialisation.

# Methods

# setKeypoints(keypoints)

Changes or remove the keypoints.