# StereoPlugin

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Adds stereo view on mobile devices. Requires the Gyroscope plugin.

This plugin is available in the @photo-sphere-viewer/stereo-plugin (opens new window) package.

# Usage

Once enabled the plugin will add a new "Stereo view" button only shown when the gyroscope API is available. It uses the WakeLock API to prevent the display from dimming or shuting down.

const viewer = new PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer({
    plugins: [

# Configuration

# lang

  • type: object
  • default:
lang: {
    stereo: 'Stereo view',
    stereoNotification: 'Click anywhere to exit stereo view.',
    pleaseRotate: 'Please rotate your device',
    tapToContinue: '(or tap to continue)',

Note: this option is not part of the plugin but is merged with the main lang object.

# Buttons

This plugin adds buttons to the default navbar:

  • stereo allows to start the stereo view

If you use a custom navbar you will need to manually add the buttons to the list.