# Cubemap video

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This adapter is available in the @photo-sphere-viewer/cubemap-video-adapter (opens new window) package.

const viewer = new PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer({
    adapter: PhotoSphereViewer.CubemapVideoAdapter,
    panorama: {
        source: 'path/video.mp4', // also supports webm
    plugins: [PhotoSphereViewer.VideoPlugin],


This adapter requires to use the VideoPlugin.

# Example

# Configuration

# autoplay

  • type: boolean
  • default: false

Automatically starts the video on load.

# muted

  • type: boolean
  • default: false

Mute the video by default.

# equiangular

  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Set to true when using an equiangular cubemap (EAC), which is the format used by Youtube. Set to false when using a standard cubemap.

# Panorama options

When using this adapter, the panorama option and the setPanorama() method accept an object to configure the video.

# source (required)

  • type: string

Path of the video file. The video must not be larger than 4096 pixels or it won't be displayed on handled devices.

# Video format

This adapter supports video files consisting of a grid of the six faces of the cube, as used by Youtube for example.

The layout of a frame must be as follow: