# Equirectangular video

const viewer = new PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer({
  adapter: PhotoSphereViewer.EquirectangularVideoAdapter,
  panorama: {
    source: 'path/video.mp4', // also supports webm
  plugins: [


This adapter requires to use the VideoPlugin.

# Example

# Configuration

# autoplay

  • type: boolean
  • default: false

Automatically starts the video on load.

# muted

  • type: boolean
  • default: false (true if autoplay=true)

Mute the video by default.

# resolution

  • type: number
  • default: 64

The number of faces of the sphere geometry used to display the panorama, higher values can reduce deformations on straight lines at the cost of performances.

Note: the actual number of faces is resolution² / 2.

# Panorama options

When using this adapter the panorama option and the setPanorama() method accept an object to configure the video.

# source (required)

  • type: string

Path of the video file. The video must not be larger than 4096 pixels or it won't be displayed on handled devices.