# ResolutionPlugin

API Documentation

Adds a button to choose between multiple resolutions of the panorama. Requires the Settings plugin.

This plugin is available in the core photo-sphere-viewer package in dist/plugins/resolution.js.

# Usage

Once enabled the plugin will add a new setting the user can use to change the resolution of the panorama.

const viewer = new PhotoSphereViewer.Viewer({
  panorama: 'sphere_small.jpg',
  plugins: [
    [PhotoSphereViewer.ResolutionPlugin, {
      resolutions: [
          id      : 'small',
          label   : 'Small',
          panorama: 'sphere_small.jpg',
          id      : 'normal',
          label   : 'Normal',
          panorama: 'sphere.jpg',

# Example

The following example provides two resolutions for the panorama, "small" is loaded by default.

# Configuration

# resolutions

  • type: object[]

List of available resolutions. Each resolution consist of an object with the properties id, label and panorama. Cubemaps are supported.

# lang

  • type: object
  • default:
lang: {
    resolution : 'Quality',

Note: this option is not part of the plugin but is merged with the main lang object.